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Why Did A Monster Want To Hurt Me?

  • Name: Fuzzy Wuzzy
  • Color: Tan
  • Size: Small
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: Adult

Fuzzy Wuzzy was found in extreme pain with his legs bound together. He was only 7.5 pounds and had a huge cast on when Scooby-Doo Rescue pulled him from the shelter.He was rushed to the vet, and upon arrival, the vets removed his cast. They could not believe what they saw -- there was a horrific wound on Fuzzy's back right leg. Then, the x-rays came in; not only did the x-ray confirm an amputation would be needed, but it also confirmed that his hip was not sitting in its joint, his tail was broken, he had a break in his upper leg, and his kneecap was on the opposite side of where it should be.

Fuzzy loves to be held and cuddled. He can walk, but his rescue limits him so no further damage is done. They are still waiting for a decision from the Orthopedic Surgeon to provide next steps. Sadly, we do not know who broke and bound him, but rest assured that from here on in, it will be nothing but kindness and love for our little fella. 

UPDATE: The other day Fuzzy Wuzzy was finally able to meet with his new orthopedic surgeon after his first surgery was postponed; we got some amazing news. They want to try and save his leg! As for fixing his patella, they are choosing to wait for now until they see if they can save his leg. His rescue is looking into physical therapy options post-surgery to help build up his strength in his backend.

Please consider donating to this tiny pup as he waits for his surgery. Thank you to everyone that has donated thus far -- every little bit helps.


  • 8/16 UPDATE... Well, Fuzzy Wuzzy back leg wound has finally closed up.  Yes the skin has all grown back and even has hair growing!! We are so happy for him.  So what does this mean??  It means he can start physical therapy.   He is set for his first appointment Tuesday, August 21st.  We are not sure if he will be getting Aqua therapy for manual manipulation.  So stay tuned for Fuzzy's first PT session.. Thank you to all of you for donating.  He is so lucky to have all of you in his corner.. 

    Thank you all again!! 

    August 16, 2018

  • 8/8 Today is not about a monetary donation but prayers for Fuzzy Wuzzy.  With Fuzzy fighting to save his leg we decided to run a blood panel on him.   The results are in.  His liver enzymes are a bit elevated.  Now our doctor says this could be due to several things..

    1. It could be secondary to everything that has happened with his leg

    2. It could be an infection

    3.  It could be more serious like a liver shunt

    They dont know because we do not know his background.

    We are stopping his pain meds because its going to hurt his liver more. So there is a more acute bloodwork that can be preformed but lucky us, today we are bringing 2 dogs in for ultrasounds.  So this afternoon, Fuzzy Wuzzy will have an ultra sound too.  We hope this will give us the answers we are looking for or show us nothing and its just an infection.  Please keep Fuzzy Wuzzy in your thoughts and prayers

    Thank you

    ~The Scooby-Doo's Team~ 

    August 08, 2018

  • August 8, 2018 I want to Send out a thank you to the person who sent Fuzzy this box of toys THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

     Today fuzzy had his ultrasound of his liver and they found it to be just fine. So what does this mean - it means he possibly has an infection due to his leg. So what they did was they put him in a high dosage of antibiotic and a liver enzyme medication. In two weeks they will draw some blood to see if this works. Please pray that it’s not his leg causing his infection. Thank you all so much again for all your support 

    August 08, 2018

  • 8/7  How adorable is our Fuzzy Wuzzy?!! Fuzzy was seen by our vet on 8/6.  They could not believe how amazing he looks and how well he is getting around.  He is just amazing.  As of right now our doctors and surgeons are wanting to save his leg.  We are researching PT facilities.  So, please stay tuned for more updates.  Fuzzy's weekly wish is he likes balls.  He likes to chase them.  They will also help in his PT and muscle building.

    Thank you all for your support.

    August 07, 2018

  • 7/31/2018 - Fuzzy met his new Orthopedic surgeon and we got some amazing news.


    Yes that’s right! We are so over the moon happy!  Now this is not a sure thing but positive vibes are welcomed. As for fixing his patella for now they will wait.  Until they see if they can save his leg.

    We are looking into physical therapy to help build up his strength in his backend! 

    Thank you everyone who has donated. We certainly appreciate all of support.

    Stay tuned for more updates 

    PS- Fuzzy is now weighing in st 7.1 This is HUGE!!!!!! 

    August 01, 2018

  • 7/1/2018 

    We are on the search for a PT facility for Fuzzy.  He can not do water PT yet as his wound is open.  Our doctors are hoping PT will help Save his leg.  We will keep you updated.  Please continue to donate and share so that once he starts his PT we can keep him going. 

    Thank you so much!! 

    August 01, 2018

  • Hello everyone!

    Thank you all so much for donating to Fuzzy Wuzzy's surgery. I want to tell you that surgery is postponed. Everything happens for a reason and today was not right and when I looked at Fuzzy and he had tears in his eyes I knew someone was trying to tell us something.

    I know some will get angry with me but I have to go with my gut feelings. We are meeting with a new Orthopedic tomorrow. Gotta do whats right for Fuzzy.  

    But I can not thank you all enough for all your donations. As of today we are at just a bit over $2500 and this is amazing. I can not thank you all enough. The tears are rolling I am so honored that you all are a part of Fuzzy Wuzzy's journey.   

    We - Fuzzy's Village will get him thru this.. 

    please stay tuned for more updates...

    Thank you all so much..

    July 30, 2018

  • I just heard from Fuzzy Wuzzy's Surgeons office. We are a go for tomorrow afternoon. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers

    I will keep you all posted on how everything is going.

    Today we spoil him even more!!

    Please donate here or.... 

    Or Call - 

    973-227-7789 our vets office

    or mail to:


    PO Box 63

    Lincoln Park, NJ 07035

    Thank you all so very much

    July 29, 2018

  • Well, its 8:18pm and Im sitting here with Fuzzy.  He just finished a bowl of chicken boiled in coconut oil and tumeric.  He has a full belly.  I just keep staring at him and praying everything goes well tomorrow.  I am so worried about this surgery.  He is so very tiny and frail.  I wish we had more time to let him put some weight on.  My little munchkin needs us.  I will not let him down.  Tonight he will sleep in my arms.  He just loves being held.  He puts his little head up on your shoulder and you can feel him melt and just relax.  It is such a shock to us that he has so much love for humans after what was done to him.  Little Fuzzy Wuzzy could teach all humans how to be forgiving and kind as he is.  I will make sure I post tomorrow while im at the vet.  He is so very important and he knows we are all with him and how much he is loved.  Thank you for listening.. Good night 

    July 29, 2018

  • 7/28/2018 

    Fuzzy Wuzzy's estimate has arrived.  I spoke with the staff.  They are going to amputate his right leg and during the same surgery they are going to fix his patella on his left leg.  This estimate is only an estimate.  So, Monday, July 30th (this coming Monday) Fuzzy Wuzzy will be meeting his ortho surgeon and if they have time on Monday they will do his surgery and if not, Fuzzy will be the first surgery Tuesday, July 31st  morning.  He is doing well, he is eating 5 small meals a day now.  He knows to go potty outside.  Please, what he needs most is prayers.  


    July 28, 2018

  • HI everyone.. just wanted to give you an update on Fuzzy Wuzzy.. We had to take him to the vet today. He is not eating. He is vomiting and has diarrhea. So we are stopping the clavamox and our vet gave him an antibiotic injection good for 14 days. They also gave him some fluids to hydrate him. He was giving out some free kisses today <3

    Please say a prayer for him

    Thank you to all who have donated to his care. Please we need everyone to give and share....

    Fuzzy needs you all 

    July 25, 2018