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"Cuddly" is how we feel about animals and it's how animals make us feel. That being said, while there are many upcoming changes, our mission remains the same. We aim to help animals around the world live better lives through innovation, community, and kindness. Thank you for being a part of our movement and, now, the family.


Lori's Love Memorial Fundraiser

  • Name: Heidi's Legacy Founder Lori
  • Sex: Female

$560.00 raised of $1,500.00

Lori Hoffman, founder of Heidi's Legacy Rescue, passed away this past week. We here at poundWISHES admired her love and strength for all animals and especially the animals in her care. This fundraiser is not only in memory of her but also to provide futures for all the pets she was fighting for.

As many of you know by now, we are grieving terribly the loss of our fearless leader, tireless advocate for the animals, devoted wife, mother, mama bear, director, caregiver to the weakest and most in need, rehabilitator of lives who had never known an ounce of love and compassion, steerer of the ship, knower of all - the founder of Heidis Legacy Dog Rescue, Lori Hoffman. Words do not come easy right now because our pain is still very raw. We all knew she did something really huge and took her direction knowing it was something very beautiful. But now that she has left this huge cavern and void, it's the realization of just how big it all is and how she did it best. Because for Lori, this was not just about saving the lives of animals. When Heidi saved her life at a time she needed it most, it ran far deeper and came from the depth of her very soul. Some call it purpose, but it was far deeper than that. If you were blessed to experience it and go along for “the ride” of any of her rescue missions of the animals, you know exactly what we mean. There was almost a magic to it and without words needed, you just knew there was absolutely NO obstacle that could get in her way or stop her from making it happen. It seemed nearly effortless at times even in the most difficult of circumstances or distances, or the countless logistics of the right people in place, transportation, emergency medical care, decisions made for treatments....she guided it, made rapid fire decisions, and delegated when needed in respectful authority in the utmost of humbleness and gratefulness. It was almost as though you could not stop thinking about what a privilege it was to be experiencing it in wow fashion. The very thing that enabled her to never stop doing all that was necessary to spare these deserving lives was very contagious, and that purpose and passion that drove it, just seeped into your very soul too. There was such a goodness to it; an unseen light emulating from it that you could just feel it.

Grace. It was done with such grace and never for a moment, was it about her. She was completely selfless in both her efforts and direction of them. Her eyes were always to the animals and if you were graced to help in any way, you did the same. Ego had zero room anywhere in the countless acts of lifesaving efforts, because with her direction, it was nearly that of humble privilege to be serving the lives of the animals - not just doing for them as in acts of favor, but doing what was supposed to be done like enforcing the law of the goodness of the universe. When she overcame cancer with Heidi's love helping to guide her there, Lori became one of the very best of those entrusted with the gift and keys to both doing, and in teaching others, what it truly meant to do good upon this earth.

How can we now go forward and continue her life's efforts with the same passion and grace? There isn't a doubt in any minds of those closest who have shared her life's passion, as to what needs to be done. Because what she started isn't just a rescue effort, it was and will always be so greater a purpose. It is about righting the wrongs, fixing the broken, respecting the living, breathing lives, relieving the suffering, stopping the deaths of the innocent, and most of all, to love. She never took her eyes off what needed to be done and those needs are always without end. We go forward with an even bigger purpose - to not only meet the needs of the countless animals who need us, but to do so in great honor of her and all that she started. Her light not extinguished; she lit it and spread and multiplied it into the souls of those she touched and taught. We know she will be guiding and directing us with the same spirit of love. It's in our souls too. Now we have much beautiful work to do.

With Love,

Long term volunteers (13+ years) and friends, Lenore Day, Lori Scutti, Kelly VanNevel, Linda Healy, Barbara Sargent, Crystal Doubleday, Tena Hillman

(Above written by Lori Scutti)

Please donate to the care of the animals that were Lori's life's work or purchase items to help make their transition more comfortable, and raise their spirits.