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Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue

This is an all volunteer organization dedicated to the improvement of the lives of our best friends. 

Currently millions of pets are euthanized every year due to over population. With the help of volunteers and donations we can help to provide low cost spay and neutering for our pets. This will aid in reducing over population.

With the support of donations, we can rescue and rehabilitate dogs in need. We will provide shelter, care and training for those who are homeless. We work to find forever homes and once adopted we will support the adoptive owners to keep their new family member permanently.

Finally, pitbull breeds are in grave distress. Of the dogs in shelters, 70-75% are pitbulls or pitbull mixes. Only 1 in 600 find a home and the remainder are euthanized. Due to the pervasive negative publicity surrounding this breed, there is a reluctance to allow one to become a family member. Yet this breed once was the most popular dog in the country, was the marine mascot, was called the nanny dog. We like many other ground breaking groups, we are working to change this negative perception to help this wonderful breed to obtain homes.

Pets cared for by Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue

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