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Mr. K's Pet Shelter for Hounds and Kitties Too

SAVING ANIMALS IN THE HOUSTON AREA SINCE 1995 Over twenty years ago, Jackie and Wilma, mother and daughter, were exiting a local supermarket by the name of Krogers. They were greeted by the disturbing site of a delinquents kicking a helpless dog in the parking lot. Wilma picked him up, and too him home with them. He had the mange,every worm a dog could be infected and malnourishment had left him dangerously underweight. He slept for three days in their home, only waking up to eat and lock eyes with the kind stranger who came to his aid. With the help of a kind vet and the generosity of a heartworm medication sponsor, he started to come around. Jackie and Wilma handled the rest and Mr. K, as they named him, lived on for another happy and healthy ten years. There have been so many rescue stories like our beloved Mr. K's due to the tireless work of Jackie and Wilma. These days a frisky five-year old Schnauzer by the name of Chopper serves are our spokes-doggy. Chopper lost the use of his back legs due to distemper as a pup, but it hasn't slowed him down one bit! You'll always find him at the Texas Home & Garden shows, wagging his tail and showing the same affection he receives at Mr. K's pet shelter – any time you stop by he'll be glad to show you a lil' doggy lovin'!

Pets cared for by Mr. K's Pet Shelter for Hounds and Kitties Too