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A Pathway To Hope

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A Pathway to Hope is a 501c3 organization that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes stray and abandoned dogs and cats. We are comprised of a small group of foster homes and are committed to the care of our rescue dogs and cats for as long as necessary.

 We are foster based animal rescue organization that has lived in our hearts, daily lives and homes for over 10 years.  As an all-volunteer, foster based rescue at heart, we believe the most effective way to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs and cats is within a home environment where these animals are integrated into daily life with training support.  This is the inspiration for Hope’s Home.  The rescued dogs and cats welcomed into Hope’s Home enjoy daily life, never knowing they are homeless.  They live with an animal behavior trainer and receive daily, intensive training to prepare them for adoption, as they learn what it is like to live in a home with a family.  The property is home to our behavior trainer, her training dogs, and countless foster dogs and cats who take up temporary residence as they wait for adoption.  We have dog rooms, cat rooms, and two large play yards.  

We are planning for a dog training space, walking trails, outdoor feral cat shelters and our "Garden of Hope" for donors.  There is great potential on this property for the addition of buildings or "tiny houses" for dogs and cats, as well as an in-ground pool that needs renovation.  Hope’s Home is a home for adoptable dogs and cats, but also a sanctuary space - a beacon of hope for those dogs and cats deemed unadoptable.  Rescue to Pathway doesn’t just mean adoption – it means rehabilitation of wounds both inside and out – and taking whatever time needed, in a home setting with intensive rehabilitation, to prepare our dogs and cats for the ultimate goal of a home of their own.  Please consider investing in our dream as you change the world for animals in need.  

Pets cared for by A Pathway To Hope