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California Paws Rescue

California Paws Rescue, based in Palm Desert, California, is a non-profit organization that saves, rehabilitates and finds qualified, loving homes for orphaned, abandoned, abused and often times medically challenged, blind or even handicapped dogs who face imminent shelter euthanasia. Many abused and impaired dogs are often abandoned or surrendered due to old age or illness or the owners lack of means or DESIRE to care for their dogs any longer. CPR pulls dogs from the euthanasia lists at high kill shelters in Southern California and offers them medical care, treatment, surgery, vaccinations, spay/neutering, food, shelter and socialization etc. Once ready, we make them available for adoption and have had hundreds of successful adoptions since our inception in 2011. We may have our rescue dogs a little longer because of the fact that they are a bit harder to adopt, but eventually they will find their forever homes and families that will love and care for them like we do. If not, they will live out their lives in comfort and peace.

Pets cared for by California Paws Rescue