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Saved By Zade

Saved by Zade is a kitty overpopulation liaison in the greater Lansing area. We work to connect community members to the best programs to fit their needs for kitty overpopulation, as well as foster and adopt out kitties as we can. We are often the ones that are out helping people and businesses catch the kitties that need fixed and coordinating adoptable kitties with the local rescues & humane societies. We are 100% ran by unpaid volunteers, and donations are needed as we pay for many of the needs for medical, transportation, vaccination, testing, and more to help kitties in your community. We started as a homeschool project for TNR kitties, however, too many adoptable kittens were finding their way into our traps and we couldn't leave them behind. A few months later, we piloted our adoption and foster program. We are often the only ones responding to emergency situations in our area, and work to maximize the impact of every dollar received. 

Pets cared for by Saved By Zade