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Phoenix Legacy of Compassion

Phoenix Legacy of Compassion is a 501c3 registered nonprofit in the United States, run by a group of dedicated volunteers. We do not receive government funding and rely on the generosity of private individuals and companies who support our mission.


  • We believe that all life deserves respect, dignity and compassion.​
  • We believe we are all equal in our ability to feel pain, suffering and the desire to live free, be loved and cared for.


  • Promote hope, compassion for strays and the no-kill movement in the Philippines.
  • End the killing of homeless animals in the Philippines through a holistic approach.
  • Advocate for spay/neuter programs, adoption and support legislation designed to ensure the well being of animals.
  • Rehabilitate animals who are victims of cruelty, injured and sick.

Pets cared for by Phoenix Legacy of Compassion