Alive Animal Services Group Inc.

ALIVE is an all volunteer organization. No one who contributes their time, effort or energy here is ever paid. Everything we do is purely and simply a matter of the heart.

Currently, we are making regular transports to rescues in Maryland, WV, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York. Each transport varies between 30 to 50 animals and costs approximately $460 dollars for van rental, fuel, tolls, etc. We try to be proactive and move not only those animals already impounded at our shelter to the safety of rescues but also animals within our community who are at risk of entering the shelter system and those in harms way from being an unwanted stray.

We exist to extend hope, help, and health to animals in need that would otherwise perish without our intervention. Our small group of volunteers strive each and every day to make a difference in our community by partnering with individuals, shelters and rescue agencies in their work to save animals’ lives. Through fostering, vetting, transporting, photographing, networking, adopting, educating, lobbying, and many other activities we have impacted the lives of thousands of animals here in Southern West Virginia and our surrounding areas. The common denominator for everything we do is to make a positive difference in the life of an animal in need. With people working together, these animals can go from being in jeopardy to a place of safety. We are determined to do all within our power to keep them ALIVE. It is our goal to provide the best life possible to each of God’s creatures that cross our path.

  We rely solely on donations and the generosity of others to accomplish our goals. We appreciative your support of ALIVE and the animals at risk in our area. Every life matters! 

A - Animals
L - Lives
I - Inspiring
V - Volunteer
E - Efforts 

Pets cared for by Alive Animal Services Group Inc.