Sheree's Dog Rescue

SHAMROCK came to us when his owner died and the neighbors threw his dogs in the yard, to eventually take them to the local shelter.  At the time, he was completely blind, matted, and scared as he could not see where he was and what was going on around him.  With the help of Poundwishes, we raised $4800 for his cataract surgery.  He had a dental cleaning, bloodwork, retinal testing and went through it with flying colors.  He was a good candidate for cataract surgery.

SHAMROCK is a 5-year old Morkie boy.  In February 2017, he had the surgery and received artificial lenses in his eyes.  His world changed!  He was so happy, he could not stop wagging his tail when he came out of surgery and realized he could see again.  He has been doing well ever since.

The conclusion to SHAMROCK's story is that he found his forever home on April 09, 2017! They drove many hours to come to Texas to get their new family member.  His new family is thrilled and so is SHAMROCK!

We cried when he left because he is a one-in-a-million dog and we loved him dearly.  Regardless, we are so happy for him that he got a second chance at having a great life with a loving family, with the help of all the benefactors and Poundwishes!