From Starving to Striving

Momma Mabel and her sweet puppies were found in a wooded area off of a gravel road.  They were abandoned, starving, covered in mange, fleas, ticks and left without any hope.  Pound pullers arrived to find Mabel and her female puppy Beatrice.  They were able to scoop up the little baby and after many attempts to capture Mabel, they just could not get her, but they knew they had to get the puppy to safety as soon as possible.  When the puppy was safe and sound, Pound Pullers headed back to the woods to try to capture the Momma, but she just wouldn't give in. Finally, Pound Pullers realized  that maybe the Momma was trying to tell them something, and as they followed her instead of trying to catch her, she lead them to her second baby. A male, they named Alfred.  Alfred was in really bad shape, almost lifeless.  After getting Alfred into the car, Momma Mabel was still unable to be caught.  Knowing that sweet Alfred needed immediate attention, they left Momma Mabel one more time hoping and praying that she would give in and allow herself to be caught.  Alfred was taken home, cleaned up, and warmed and hydrated by syringe all at home because it was too late at night to get into any Vet.  As the Pound Pullers headed back, facing a huge storm they prayed for Momma Mabel, hoping that she was there and in the trap they had left.  Upon arrival, their  prayers were answered and there Mabel was, waiting for them.  

 They were all diagnosed with mange, emaciation, dehydration, and Alfred had ulcerated eyes.  Momma Mabel was only 16 months old and the two pups were each 4 months old.  Leaving the vet that day with a bag full of medication for them, they progressively got better as the weeks went on.  Daily medication for the mange, antibiotics, ointments and drops for Alfreds eyes. Thankfully, Alfred still had sight in one eye.  Huge efforts were made to save his eyes, but he was blind in the other and it continued to be painful for him.  Alfred had surgery to remove the eye, He also had entropic surgery for the other eye as his lids turned inward onto his eyes, causing abrasion.  Alfred was also declared deaf.  

After receiving so much care from Pound Pullers, they all healed beautifully.  Mabel's babies, Beatrice and Alfred are both settled in  with their forever homes and are living very happy lives.  Momma Mabel went out to a wonderful lady, but Mabel would not have it. She just about lost her mind until foster mom went back and got her. Mabel is permanently living at her foster momma's house and is a happy part of the pack.