Almost Home's Testimonial

We at Almost Home Animal Rescue League and Safe Haven want to express our sincere gratitude for all of Pound Wishes' hard work. They literally saved our animals lives as we were struggling to pay medical bills for our tortured, abused and neglected animals as well as legal costs to fight the animals' abusers. 

Vanessa, at Pound Wishes was amazing and was able to advocate for both Almost Home and the animals that we work so desperately hard to help. She was enthusiastically fast, consistent, efficient, and persistent at rallying support for our campaigns. She was very determined to get the help we needed, and she never let the fire fizzle out. Her efforts added a significant amount of help to us. It's often so difficult to maintain a consistent focus on fundraising for a specific cause when the relentless day to day challenges of running a no-kill shelter easily consume and become tiring.

We at Almost Home struggle everyday to stay alive. Being a NEVER KILL shelter is a real challenge. Pound Wishes recognized our struggles and believed in our challenging mission.  They believe as we do that "EVERY LIFE IS PRECIOUS." 

Vanessa at Pound Wishes is a beautiful writer that truly understands and cares about the welfare of the innocent animals without a voice. Thank you Vanessa and Pound Wishes for making so many innocent animals have their wish come true!  

Very gratefully yours,

Almost Home Animal Rescue League and Safe Haven