Illinois English Bulldog Rescue

Meatball is with our rescue Illinois English Bulldog Rescue. The money raised through CUDDLY has reached our goal and has provided us with the finances to give Meatball his cancer treatments ( 3 down, 1 to go). As a non profit organization who takes in many special needs it helps us be able to also give some of these dogs their basic needs such as dog beds and toys, and the treats from his wishlist that went to his cancer treatments with him ( it kept his mind off the vaccine gun ) as distraction .

Our volunteers and foster families put out a lot of their own money to give their foster not only basic things but also some treats and toys to play with. It adds up. Using a wishlist helps offset the daily cost of just keeping and fostering and caring for and loving a dog in our care . We appreciate all that CUDDLY has done for not only Meatball but other severe cases in our recent past !