Viking Was Knocking On Death's Door
April 09, 2020

Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue was alerted to this poor dog after he was viciously attacked. He was being used a guard dog in a tow yard in the Inland Empire when his owner surrendered him. He had a large open gash on his throat and on his face and he was barely hanging onto life. Rescuers didn't know for sure what the cause of his wounds were but they appeared to be most likely inflicted by humans.

Viking was in extreme pain and so defeated, he couldn't even stand on his own. He was absolutely filthy and covered in what looked like oil or dirt. He was rushed to the hospital where he received round the clock care. He was suffering from a severe infection in his body so he was on fluids and pain medication to help keep him stable and comfortable. 

This poor boy spent weeks in the hospital fighting for his life. Every day was touch and go and rescuers hoped and prayed he would pull through. Viking went through months of extensive care, but his rescue was there for him every step of the way. Dream Fetchers teamed up with CUDDLY to raise over $5,000 for Viking as well as a huge wishlist haul of items needed to help him recover. Three months went by and Viking was fully recovered and found a loving home that completely adores him. He went from fighting for his life to the happiest boy ever and we couldn't be more proud to be a part of his journey. Happy tails, Viking!

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