Yuki (now Bruno)
December 03, 2020

Yuki (now Bruno) was a sad case because after he suffered a broken leg from a car accident, his ?owner? who operated a puppy mill, did not seek treatment immediately. Eventually, he was taken to the vet and underwent surgery to have a pin inserted in his leg. However, the surgery was completely botched and because the pin was too long for his little leg, it actually started protruding through his skin. The vet who performed the surgery stated that it was Yuki's fault that the pin moved and wanted to do a second surgery but the owner could not afford it and wanted him euthanized as he was no longer useful for breeding purposes. Luckily, our rescue partner in Cairo Egypt from Mira Gamal Shelter stepped in and stopped it. Stray Dog was called to help with the case and we immediately had him taken to our vet and it was discovered that in addition to his leg being completely infected, he was suffering from a fever and was not eating. The surgery had caused the leg to become so infected that it was turning gangrene. Our only option to save his life was to remove his leg which we did. Yuki had a complete amputation and took months of care and treatment to get him strong enough to travel to Canada. Yuki arrived in Canada last week and he is absolutely loving life. He is such a happy and playful little boy and is settling in well. He loves to play with the other dogs and even likes to play in the snow. We are so grateful to everyone from the CUDDLY family for making this possible as we could not have done this without you. Your love and support have changed and saved this boys Life. - Helen

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