Handsome and Healed
December 13, 2016

Hommie has always been cute, but his life has been pretty bad for the past couple years.  Hommie came to rescue as an owner surrender at 8 years old. Because of his families' circumstances, they weren't able to afford any medical care for quite a while. He had been suffering with ear infections until he was surrendered to rescue as his last chance option. 

As a result of years of untreated infections, Hommie's ears are now almost closed from infections and to the point where he now needs a 'Total Ear Canal Ablation and Bulla Osteotomy' surgery costing close to $3,000 and his family couldn't afford any of the costs for the surgery.


The problem now for Hommie is he has had these long-standing ear infections for so long that his infections caused irreversible damage to his ear canals.  Due to chronic inflammation, his ear canals had become so thickened that they turned to a hard bone. As a result, the infection will not resolve with medications behind the bones the closes the ear canal and the surgery is the only fix. The middle ear cavity (tympanic bulla) is also frequently infected as the ear drum is commonly ruptured with chronic ear infections.


After the surgery and recovery, Hommie was adopted and lives in an AMAZING home. He is adored and photographed constantly. He lives up in beautiful Ojai, CA.

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