Hope, a true survivor.
December 20, 2016

Hope was found tied to a tree with half of her face infested with maggots in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Unfortunately finding dogs tied up and abandoned in this condition happens all too often in Jamaica. Hope came to founder Tammy Browne on a Sunday, when no vets were available. Luckily Tammy is a Veterinarian Technician and was able to start hydrating and cleaning her up right away. Hope was so incredibly weak, and the maggots were so awful however, she still managed to show appreciation by licking Tammy's hand and wagging her little tail after her rescue. Maggots can kill within days. She may have had a small wound near her eye or rubbed her head wrong, but it only takes one fly. One small wound became a huge hole within hours of the infestation. 

Montego Bay Animal Haven was founded in 2009 to raise awareness of the plight of stray and abandoned animals. In that time, approximately 1,000 animals have been re-homed. Their work does not stop with just animals, they also help educate and teach responsible, compassionate ownership to the next generation. Visiting schools with their star rescues as well as supervised groups to visit the Montengo Bay Animal Haven to help spread the message and prevent cases like poor little Hope. 

PoundWishes stepped up and made Hope their Weekly Wish raising $2,305 of her $2,000 fundraising goal. Those funds were used for her many vet visits and rehabilitation. Hope gained huge support and a following from the partnership of her rescue Montego Bay Animal Haven and PoundWishes. She's one of the lucky ones, she will have a happy Christmas at the Haven this year and will be hopeful of finding a forever home in the new year! She is fully healed, extremely loving, and thankful for all. 

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