Buddy's Journey to Mobility
June 16, 2015

When Buddy came to Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care, he was in critical and serious condition.

He was anemic from blood loss, grossly underweight, and his entire body was infested with fleas. To make matters even worse, he had tape worms and was vomiting rocks that he had been eating in an attempt to survive. Buddy was also unable to walk properly due to his severely disfigured back legs. 

Buddy's condition did not seem to be improving and his foster mom was beginning to lose hope. Buddy was immediately taken in for vet care. He was diagnosed with grade IV medial luxating patella, a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location. His condition worsened over time. Buddy also needed several dental extractions to remove his infected teeth, but he had to take antibiotics before having the procedure.  

Within six hours of creating Buddy's campaign on CUDDLY, Buddy not only met, but exceeded his goal. He was able to get his dental extractions and other medical needs taken care of, as well as a new doggie wheelchair. He is now happily rolling around with his newfound mobility in his forever home!

Please enjoy this video of Buddy zooming around! 

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