Hulk's Journey & Foster Failure
January 30, 2017

Animal Control had been called to confiscate Hulk from his previous owners who were neglecting this sweet bulldog. 
Hulk is a loving 112 pound bulldog who unfortunately was placed in a kill shelter and was next in line to be euthanized. He had been in the shelter for a long while and needed to be rescued immediately!
 Hulk is a huge boy and was born with shoulder deformities and had an pneumonia while sitting in the kill shelter. It was urgent and Their Lives Matter Inc. stepped up and save Hulk from Baltimore Maryland

With many vet visits and round the clock care Hulk beat his pneumonia. He was in boarding at the vet hospital, was loved and comfortable, but it was not a real home. Just when Hulk thought he found his forever home he was returned again. Their Lives Matter Inc. were crushed and did not understand why beautiful Hulk could not catch a break. They worked tirelessly to raise $3,545 for his high medical bills, boarding, and training. Hulk was sent to training for 3 months to prep him for a forever home. Hulk had done his part and maintained his new manners in hopes of finding a forever home. 

Hulk brought in the new year finding an amazing foster home and new family! Despite the ups and downs, the tears, the cheers, the smiles, the screams, and the tough moments, Their Lives Matter Inc. would not give up on him. 

"The Hulk has a new family! Believed to become foster failures...they absolutely LOVE him. He has been the hit of the New Years Eve celebrations...he has already celebrity status in his little little town. Thank you Grace Lofton Kaye for having the confidence in him to succeed....and in me ! Perfect example of a dog that only needed boundaries and rules....along with the chance to learn them....Thank Loki Echo Cody Casper and Porshae for that!

Sonia Stevens you are the best...couldn't have met a better person as 2016 moved on and 2017 rolled in...."

Hulk's success story is more than just a dog finding his forever home. It's about never giving up on a deserving animal, Grace Founder of Their Lives Matter Inc. never once denied Hulk of any of his needs and was always there to help be his voice. 

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