June 16, 2015
Gunner, the bulldog, came to So Cal Bulldog Rescue in July 2014 with Demodex Mange so severe it has caused permanent scarring on his head and neck. So Cal Bulldog Rescue shared Gunner's story with the PoundWishes community, and supporters generously donated more than $2,000 for his treatments. Despite his situation and the pain he was in, his foster mom, said his sweet nature was always apparent, and during the many medicated treatment baths she gave him, Gunner quickly became a best friend to her. One day during a chance encounter at the vet's office, a recent adopter met Gunner and immediately knew her family wanted to adopt Gunner as soon as he was medically ready. Nearly six months later, in January 2015, Gunner was ready to move in and start his new life with his forever family. While Gunner will always have his scars to tell the story of his past, they certainly don't tell his future. Thanks to the generous PoundWishes donors, Gunner is as happy as can be with his new family, which includes another rescued English Bulldog and two cats.
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