The Power of Faith
February 23, 2017

Meet Faith. She was named because we want to redeem her faith in people.  This precious girl was treated as no dog, or any living creature for that matter, should ever be treated.

A Good Samaritan was driving down the road in Buena Park, CA and noticed a wire dog crate on the side of the road.  Plenty of people drove past this crate, maybe even walked past it, and did nothing, but thankfully this angel did stop and look.  What she discovered was 2 dogs (one was Faith) shivering inside of the crate.  No food.  No water.  It had been raining in Southern California for the last few days and we had record low temperatures.  The other dog had already passed away and Faith was very close to being gone as well.  There were days worth of feces and urine inside the crate; it's horrifying to think how long they were trapped in there.  

The woman took the crate home, bathed Faith and cared for her and then brought her to the Downey SEAACA shelter where they immediately had to take her into an ER facility for IV fluids and treatment.  She wouldn't have survived if she would have been left at the shelter.  Southern California Bulldog Rescue received the call that this girl needed help and rushed down to get her the next day.  The volunteer that went to pick up Faith was floored when she saw her.  Faith was frail and tiny, shivering and barely able to move.  She drove all the way to out vet's office with Faith on her lap, trying to soothe her.  

Upon an initial exam by Dr. Kraemer of Vet4HealthyPet, they were told that aside from her being extremely emaciated, weighing only 20 lbs (she should be at least 35 lbs)  and frail, she had a raging ear infection as well as a HOLE in the cornea of her left eye that was causing an immense amount of pain.  She needed to see an eye specialist ASAP and would likely need surgery. The vet also noticed some mucus coming from her vaginal area and recommended that we get her spayed as soon as possible to avoid possible pyometra, an infection in the uterus.  

The eye specialist confirmed the next day that she had a hole in her cornea from an unknown trauma, but that it had happened recently so the chance of saving her eye was very good.  With surgery - they would do a graft of skin (taken from her inner eyelid) and seal the hole.  We were told that with surgery, not only would she not be in any pain anymore, but she would eventually regain eye sight in the eye and be back to normal!

Thanks to an incredible show of support, Faith was able to heal and find a loving family. She was able to see the ocean for the very first time with her new adopters by her side.

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