Highway Stray to Healthy Forever Home
March 01, 2017

Meet Ziggy. 

Ziggy was just a baby at 12 weeks old when he was found lying in a busy street for hours barely able to move, very sick with what the vet described as the most extreme case of ear mites they have ever seen. If that wasn't enough for this poor baby, he also has Sarcoptic Mange, Hookworm, and Cerebellar Hypoplasia. He has having trouble keeping his balance and walking straight.

The good news is that all of Ziggy's medical issues are treatable! His rescuer did everything possible to get this kitten healthy and in the most loving home. No animal should be left to suffer like this especially in just 12 short weeks of life! 

Ziggy improved completely, he will always walk funny but that makes him all the more love-able. He also has flown out of Puerto Rico to the Boston area and arrived at his forever home! He is now save and loved. Thank you to all of those who generously donated and gave Ziggy his second chance. He greatly appreciates your love and support!

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