A bait dog finds his happily ever after
March 09, 2017

Edwin was seized by the Chicago Police Department back in November 2015 during a raid on a known dog fighter's residence. Edwin was in the worst shape of all of them. He was emaciated, his left eye appeared to be caved in, his scrotum was black from acid burn, and his skin was in varied stages of disintegration. His face, neck and front legs were covered in infected holes, from dogs biting and clawing at his face. His back legs and sheath were weak and appeared elongated from being dangled above fighting dogs for practice. And not surprisingly, he was also heart worm positive. Sherri Christopher, founder and CEO of the rescue group Guardians of the Green Mile, was finally able to secure a foster home for Edwin, and he was placed in Guardians' care on Christmas Eve, 2015. For three months, there did not seem to be the right medication, the right shampoo, or the right dog food, that could help Edwin get better. In the two weeks he has been on THK Force, Edwin had gained a little bit of weight. His organs seemed to be functioning normally after being on the food for 6 days. Weight was very difficult for him to maintain. His skin also seemed to be getting better. We then were able to slowly wean him off Prednisone, which was horrible for his already-compromised immune system, but due to the seriousness of the multi stages of lesions, itching drove him absolute manic to the point of needing anxiety medication. With the help of generous donations from numerous supporters, Edwin was able to raise $3,465 from a $3,000 goal. All of these contributions and the love he was given truly saved his life. Edwin was then able to find his forever home, where he healed and lived out his remaining days in peace. Edwin passed on in November of 2017, but his indomitable spirit will remain an inspiration.

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