From The Streets to Bacon Treats
April 03, 2017

Oscar was rescued from the streets of Vega Alta in Puerto Rico. His back had been burned, and he was suffering from a severe infection. Oscar's rescue, Santuario de Animales San Francisco de Asis, Inc., was dedicated to helping Oscar heal.

Vets were able to remove all of his infected skin, and he was treated with bandages and medicine twice a day. He also had an old lesion in one of his front legs that caused a twist in it, as well as the shadow (or mark) of a collar on his neck (probably because he used to wear one rather tightly). Another condition he developed was dry eye, which requires special eye drops to be administered daily for the rest of his life.

Initially, when vets tried to touch him, he would squint and close his eyes, shaking his body in fear. As the days went by, Oscar grew to trust his rescuers and his back healed remarkably well. He is now living with an amazing foster and is enjoying his favorite bacon treats while he finishes his heart treatment. Oscar exceeded his donation goal and is hopefully on his way to a forever home!

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