Clear Skies Ahead
April 10, 2017

Shamrock is a Yorkie mix and a gem!  He was surrendered along with several other dogs who were adopted, but Shamrock was overlooked because of his vision impairment.  He had cataracts that were causing problems seeing. His vision problems were the only thing that stood in the way of a happy life. He had no vision at all because his cataracts were so severe.

It was obvious that the total loss of vision was recent because he tripped and hit everything. He had not adapted to being completely blind. He was very nervous when he is left alone. He panicked when he hit things and he was so nervous that he tried to move fast and tripped even more.

Sheree's Dog Rescue worked hard and found a huge amount of support by being PoundWishes' Weekly Wish. Shamrock's fundraising goal was surpassed and he was able to receive all the treatment he needed. Shamrock was a perfect patient through each test and round of eye drops. He was desperate to play and tried to use his hearing to keep track of his playmates, but often became confused.

Shamrock was able to have his surgery he regained complete vision!  He was so excited when he was picked up, he was shaking.  When he realized he could see us, he ran around us, wanted to play and he has not stopped wagging since! Shamrock is a new dog!  He is playing, running, jumping and has learned to make goo goo eyes!

After regaining his vision, Shamrock quickly found a forever home. His new family travelled from Kansas to Texas to pick him up. Little Shamrock made a tremendous impact on his foster family from Sheree's Dog Rescue. They were heartbroken to see him go, but were so happy he found a deserving family. 

It was a long road for this little one but he made it with flying colors! To all who donated, prayed, cheered for him, here is the end result of your efforts. Isn't it great? He went from losing his owner who passed away while being completely blind, to getting his vision back and now a new family who will pamper and spoil him!

From SHAMROCK and us, a huge and heart felt thank you!

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