Eddie & His Forever Boy Dexter
April 10, 2017

Eddie was found wandering in the street on 413 looking dirty and sick. Someone took a photo of him and posted it online to see if anyone could pick him up and Defensa Animal De Rincon stepped up. However, they didn't have a crate or a leash for a dog his size. They met up with Debbie Marchant who generously lent Defensa what we needed.

As soon as Eddie got to the house, there was a visible change in him. You could see how relieved he was to be safe and taken care of. Eddie must have been a very uncomfortable, his first vet visit showed him positive for hook worm, tape worm, parasites, ear mites, and heart worm. He also had a skin infection that made him terribly itchy. After a month of treatment, Eddie is was rid of his health problems except for the heart worm and the skin infection, for which he would continue to receive medicated baths for. Eddie was feeling better and made a full recovery from his previous life on the street. He loves to play, cuddle, and would sit with his head on your lap all day if he could. He is loyal and friendly and gets along great with other dogs. (Cats get him a little too excited!) After all of his treatments and medical recovery Eddie found his forever home with a wonderful family. He was transported from Puerto Rico to Connecticut where he was welcomed by his new best friend, a boy named Dexter and a warm loving home. 

Thanks to CUDDLY and Defensa Animal De Rincon working together dogs like Eddie get the second chance they deserve! 

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