Puppy Mill Survivor Lucky's Strength & Recovery
April 18, 2017

Lucky is an eight month old, eight pound, toy poodle, that was rescued from a puppy mill on 2/10/17.  She was slated to be killed because she had something wrong with her hip. Puppy mill breeders were going to take the life of a sweet precious soul. On 2/17/17, Lucky was taken to Colonial Veterinary Hospital in Ithaca, NY and it was determined that Lucky's hip injury was in fact an old fracture that went untreated. How does a SWEET eight month old eight pound toy poodle fracture a hip?! And how does it go untreated?! Spending eights months in a puppy mill, that's how! Tanner's P.A.W.S. works with a group that takes in dogs from puppy mills that either have physical or medical conditions or adult dogs that are done breeding. We get these dogs vetted and then placed into foster homes so they can learn basic socialization skills.

Lucky had deformed feet, a broken hip, did not know how to walk on a leash, or even eat out of a food bowl, the thought of a crate terrorized her so much that she would urinate and defecate all over herself. Here's a run-down of puppy mills. Puppy mills keep many (sometimes hundreds of) breeding dogs in cramped outdoor chicken-wire cages. Even the floor of the cage is chicken wire, so the waste falls through, which is why we see many puppy mill survivors with splayed toes and disfigured feet. They breed females every cycle (about every six months) and wean puppies way too early (before eight weeks). Dogs are never allowed to exercise or socialize, resulting in ill-tempered, sick puppies and emotionally and physically distressed parents. The parents' jaws are sometimes broken if they bark, or they are "debarked" by having something sharp jammed down their throats to silence them. At the worst, puppy mill breeding dogs' teeth are filed down to the gums to prevent them from defending themselves, and at best, by the time they are three or four, the dogs' teeth are naturally falling out of their mouths from malnutrition. If the cages are ever hosed down, it is done with the dogs in them. The offspring of these mistreated dogs are sold to pet stores, where unsuspecting people purchase them without home checks and comprehensive return policies. They are also sold online and through newspapers under the guise of loving, caring breeding farms. There are MANY purebreds awaiting their FURever homes in rescues and in shelters. If you aren't ready to adopt, we are always looking for patient foster parents. You can also help by spreading the word and awareness of what's happening.. Educate! The information provided above is a very small portion of what these dogs endure.. Don't allow it to continue!

Lucky was able to raise $1,525 as PoundWishes featured Weekly Wish pet for her medical care. Lucky underwent surgery, poor girl had an old fracture and they had to get that cleaned up and also perform a FHO. Her recovery went well in her foster home and was slowly able to bare some weight on her leg. She did not need in house physical therapy like we had previously thought, nor will she need post op x-rays!! Her therapy continued being done in her foster home. Her recovery continued to go smoothly and Lucky found herself a loving forever home! She is now house broken and able to use her leg. Thank you to all those who supported Lucky and got her back on her feet. Please enjoy this video of Lucky walking happily like a normal dog with her forever family. 

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