A Little Bit of Hope & Faith
June 15, 2017

Sisters Hope and Faith were discovered in southern Missouri in the back part of a rental property by the new renter. The girls were locked in a small wire crate with a board on top of it for "shelter." The owners had placed cardboard around the crate so the girls couldn't be seen from outside the property. The only reason these two survived was thanks to an elderly couple who threw them table scraps over the top of the fence. The girls only were provided water when it rained and the water collected in their empty bowls.


It was apparent that Hope and Faith had severe skin issues, infections, mange, parasites and fleas. They were extremely underweight and needed urgent help. Crazy Standards Boxer and Poodle Rescue jumped into action. They cut the padlocks off the crate the girls were pinned in and took them to their rescue to heal. They were put on many skin medications to treat the infections and were treated for fevers and open sores.

Crazy Standards started a campaign for Hope and Faith and CUDDLY decided to make them our Weekly Wish. Our amazing community rallied around the girls and we were able to meet their fundraising goal of $1,500! They are now living the life they deserve with their foster awaiting adoption. They are a bonded pair and will need to be adopted together. We'd like to thank CSBPR for taking such great care of the girls, and our donor community for helping fund their recovery!  

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