Ghost's Boo-tiful New Life
June 21, 2017

Ghost is a sweet Shepard who was found roaming the streets in South Carolina. Neighbors noticed her roaming the streets at night, but she would disappear during the day. She had been roaming for weeks with a mangled front leg. Animal control was called, however they could not catch her, she was too smart! Soon her rescue and their amazing group of volunteers came up with a plan.

They set up a very large net in the woods where Ghost retreated to during the day. The rescuers made sure to feed her tasty meals at the same time every so she was used to coming to the same location. Almost three weeks went by and every day they would lower the net a few inches, until they could gently trap her under it. Her saviors where amazed when they finally caught her, she was not struggling to get free, nor was she aggressive. She almost was thankful that she was saved.

Once her rescue was able to get a close look at her, they realized the severity of her injuries. Her front let was so mangled that it was useless and infected, she was missing most of her teeth, and she was suffering from infection, mange and heart worms. The vets were certain that her front leg needed to be removed. However, she needed to overcome her infections first. It was then that a CUDDLY campaign was stated for Ghost. She became stronger and was able to go through surgery. With or amazing donors we were able to raise over $3,000 for her care. Falling in love with her, Ghost's fosters knew they had to adopt her. Her new parents Glory and Ron have supported her ever since! They were so inspired that they decided to start their own rescue, New Beginnings Animal Rescue of SC. We are so grateful to everyone who helped Ghost, it is amazing to see her healthy, happy and loved! 

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