Maybelle's Miracle
June 28, 2017

Little Miss Maybelle had wandered onto a Good Samaritans porch seeking out help from humans. Luckily, she picked the right porch, the people called Animal Control and they came to save her. The Animal Control officer brought Maybelle to Okefenokee Humane Society where she would get the care she needed.

She was extremely weak, sick and malnourished. Okefenokee quickly discovered that her poor tummy and intestines were jam packed full of worms and parasites. She was suffering from a rectal prolapse as a result. Maybelle was hospitalized as she fought to survive and build up strength for her rectal surgery. Okefenokee decided to open a poundWISH Campaign for Maybelle.

Our amazing supporters were able to help us meet her fundraising goal! She was able to receive all of the treatment she needed and made a full recovery! As you can imagine, it didn't take this adorable puppy long to find her forever home. She was adopted soon after by an amazing family who will give her the love and affection every little puppy deserves! Thank you to all who helped Maybelle along her journey!

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