Saving Serenity
July 13, 2017

Sweet Serenity is a Pit Bull that was saved by Corpus Christi Texas animal control. She was surrendered by her owner in horrible condition. Serenity had severe sarcoptic mange, which her owners attempted to treat by covering her in motor oil. Covering a dog in motor oil is never a proper treatment method, it is a false myth. She also tested positive for parvo and had an eye condition that left her eyelid inverted, causing her eyelashes to scrape her eye, which was extremely painful. She would require Entropion eye surgery. Although Serenity was very weak when Destiny's Road got her, she still managed to keep her tail wagging. 


Destiny's Road needed help paying for her medical care so they came to CUDDLY and created a campaign for sweet Serenity. Thanks to our amazing donors, when Serenity was cleared of parvo, she was able to have her much needed eye surgery and was placed in a loving foster home. Her beautiful eyes were finally beginning to match her new blue coat and she was on the road to adoption. Serenity has been a total love bug and sweet as can be throughout her entire ordeal. She found her fur-ever home and was adopted along with her new sister named Cinnamon! We couldn't be happier for these two precious pups living out the rest of their lives full of love and happiness.

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