Lady Shoshanna's Magical Transformation
August 08, 2017

We are excited to announce CUDDLY first horse fundraiser is now our very first horse Success Story!

Lady Shoshanna was saved by Defensa Animal de Rincon in Puerto Rico. They found her with thousands of ticks all over her malnourished body. She had been tied to a rope with no access to food or water. She was extremely dehydrated and very neglected.

When Defensa first approached her they could see the despair in her eyes. When the team got closer to Shoshanna they realized just how bad her condition was. What appeared to be patches of dirt on Shoshanna was actually hundreds of ticks in an area- above her eyes, up her nose, in her rectum- she was covered. Shoshanna went willingly with her rescuers and was very thankful for the care that was about to come.

It took 2 days and several volunteers to remove all of the ticks, but they did it! She is now living in peace on the Defensa Hope 4 Horses rescue land looking for a forever home. Throughout her entire journey Shoshanna was the perfect 'Lady' hence her name. Caring for a horse is not cheap, and Defensa could not have done it without poundWISHES and the amazing supporters who quickly contributed the $500 in donations that she needed to heal. Lady Shoshanna now looks like magical unicorn she was born to be! 

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