Making Myah's Dreams Come True
September 18, 2017

Myah was found wandering the streets of Miami foraging for food. You could count every single bone in her body, she was starving and near death. The vet thinks she was tied up or confined in a very small area, not taken care of. She was covered in her own feces. The vet also confirmed that this is the worst case of animal cruelty he had ever seen.

Poor Myah was denied the basic needs in life. Despite the nightmare she experienced, her attitude toward humans was very loving. All she wanted to do is play and be loved. Myah's breed should typically weigh about 45 pounds and was rescued at only 18 pounds. Their Lives Matter Inc. stepped up to rescue her and sponsor her care. They were able to raise $960 on poundWISHES for her recovery and Myah was adopted by a husband and wife who are both veterinarians! They are both very loving and caring people.

Myah has come so far and is happy to be in her forever home. Dogs like Myah wouldn't survive without the power of our rescue community. Thank you to everyone who supported Myah during her time of need. She greatly appreciates all of the love. 

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