Miley Made It!
September 20, 2017

Miley lived most of her life chained up in a garage, never allowed to play out side or lay in the sunshine. She was bred over and over until her body was about to give up; She was so tired and in so much pain that she could barely find the strength to stand up.

When Miley was rescued by Almost Home- No Kill Shelter, they vowed to fight for Miley's rights, determined to make her life better. At 13 years old, Almost Home-No Kill Shelter feared that this would be a difficult task, but thanks to poundWISHES and their own wonderful supporters who gave and gave so much support that they were able to raise enough funds to get Miley strong again. They gently worked with her, loved her and cared for her in such a kind way that Miley found herself feeling whole again.

No longer living her life in fear, Miley's happiness radiated through her huge smile. That's when Miley's smile led her directly to her new forever home; She has so much love to give, and now she will be loved in return for the rest of her life. Through all of the abuse that Miley endured, there was a light at the end of her tunnel--She made it!

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