From chemical burns to companionship: Duke's journey
October 10, 2017

Left for dead on the side of the road in Florida, Duke looked helpless. 

When we're driving down the highway, we don't expect to see an injured dog on the side of the road. If you do happen to see one, we hope that it wasn't a person who injured that pup.

What if you pulled over and found a puppy with chemical burns all over? If you're like Susan, and we know you are, you'd call your local Animal Control to get that pup some help! Duke was lucky when Susan from Pet Orphans Rescue scooped him up and Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue took on the challenge to rehabilitate the little guy.

Duke's story

Because Duke's story was so compelling and tragic, NBC Miami picked it up and ran a video. Even though Duke's eye was out of its socket, all he wanted was love. Immediately upon seeing a friendly human, Duke gave Susan Scheinhaus, the hero who found him, licks and kisses all over. Unfortunately, as is too often the case, it looks like someone hurt Duke on purpose. 

Duke had a long road to recovery. Starting on August 23, 2017, he had his first surgery. He had no scalp, and he lost one eye and has very little function in the other. On September 1, 2017, a kind soul started fostering Duke. 

Today, we are proud to announce that Duke has fully recovered! After a month of intense care, Duke is now ready for a forever family or a foster who is home a lot to offer TLC and training. Thank you to everyone who supported Duke on his long road to recovery. 

There are more Duke's

CUDDLY supports many animals in need every day, and we need your help to create another success story like Duke's. Please click on one of the links below or join our wishpack by clicking the button below. Your donation will go a long way on their roads to recovery. Every dollar helps. 

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