From Hoarding to Forever Homes
November 02, 2017

Almost Home- No Kill Shelter rescued over 70 cats and kittens from a horrible hoarding situation. The felines were suffering from upper respiratory disease, eye infections, malnutrition and more. None of them were spayed or neutered, but they all needed to be. They all needed care and love, along with medications, and vaccines. 

Almost Home was able to take them to their rescue and give them the proper care that they needed and get each and every one of them well.  Adoption after adoption, these cats and kittens were able to find forever homes where they can be loved for the rest of their lives.  So many of these cats turned out to be uniquely marked, they were beautiful on the inside and out and people fell in love with them quickly.  Almost Home- No Kill Shelter vows to save and never ever put an animal down; the cats and kittens reaped the benefits of the love they were given while living at the rescue and now they have so much love to give their new families. 

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