Senior Survives Storm
December 15, 2017

As with many rescue pets, Sunflower's history was a mystery when she was found in Puntas, Puerto Rico. The one thing that was clear was that this beautiful senior had survived Hurricane Maria on her own.

Judging by her grey muzzle and the wisdom in her eyes, Sunflower was thought to be around 10 years old and was going blind and deaf. Despite these obstacles, she was a social butterfly and soaked up all the attention she could get.

After surviving such a devastating natural disaster, she needed head to toe vetting so she would be ready to find a loving family if the opportunity arose. Defensa Animal de Rincon treated her like a queen. She was sent gifts from across the United States and was given a plush bed to lay her head on.

Thanks to a dedicated team and donations by incredible animal lovers, today Sunflower is being given the life and hope she deserves.

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