From Trauma To True Love
December 21, 2017

The Pound Pullers of Lebanon Mo saved Wally from a horrific situation. He was chained up outside and left for dead after his owner beat him with a metal pry bar. Wally laid in a pool of his own blood all night long. The trauma from this terrible beating had blood pouring from his eyes, nose and skull. The Pound Pullers Rescue team were trying to get Wally as fast as they could to a vet so that he could be put down peacefully and be able to rest with the angels. 

Somewhere between his home and the vets office, Wally was filled with hope and he began to perk up. He had a look upon his face that insisted he had life in him and that he needed to be saved. 

Wally healed nicely and was given an abundance of love in his foster home. He became confident, and was happier than he ever thought he could be. Wally's foster family decided that they couldn't live without him, so they decided to adopt him. Now Wally will get his happily ever after with the family he was meant to be with. 

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