From Fractured Femur to Forever Home
January 09, 2018

Kenzie was rushed to the emergency vet after being rescued by Almost Home-No Kill Shelter. She had a fractured femur that needed to be repaired right away. When Kenzie returned to the shelter she was very weak; she would not eat or drink and she became very sick. Parvo had taken over! Kenzie then had to recover from her femur repair and fight off parvo at the same time! This sweet girl had the will to live and be loved, and she showed everyone that she was worth it. While she was recovering, she was spoiled by the staff at Almost Home, and their supporters. People from all over sent her items from her poundWISHES WISHlist, and she ALMOST earned enough funding to help with her medical bills. Then her ultimate dream came true; Kenzie was adopted by a loving family and now she has a forever home of her own. 

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