A Bulldog Who Beat The Odds
January 09, 2018
When the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue received Ellie she was in very poor condition. She had been abused, bitten and neglected. Ellie had a horrible infection running through her entire body that she struggled to heal from. It was obvious Ellie was used as a bait dog after seeing her wounds and her white fur stained purple. The vet suspected that she could have been dyed purple, so that the people watching the dog fight could tell which dog they had bet on. Nonetheless, Ellie was very weak and the infection was making it hard for her to heal. 

With the support from the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue, Ellie's foster family was able to nurse her back to health. She was showered with affection and taught to trust and love humans again. Once Ellie's vet was able to give her a clean bill of health, she was put up for adoption. Thanks to CUDDLY and generous donations, Ellie surpassed her wish amount raising $6,340 of her $6,000 goal. Now Ellie has found her forever family and she will be eternally thankful that no one gave up on her.
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