Rita's Redemption
January 15, 2018

Imagine being left in a spot by your "family" and you sit day by day waiting for them to return, but they never do.

Rita had been seen for a few days in her rescuers neighborhood in front of a house that is only occupied one month out of the year. She would return to that same spot everyday as loyal dogs do, waiting for her human to return.

Her rescuer put out some food and water and kept an eye on her because RITA is in heat so the last thing she needs is to be homeless on the streets with a high probability of getting pregnant. When the day came to get her off the streets, she was hesitant to go with her rescuer but she finally gave in. Rita was brought to the vet where she weighs in at 28lbs, negative results for 4dx, around just a year in age and is super happy and sweet. Rita was spayed by Defensa Animal De Rincon's vet and was able to reach her full fundraising goal of $350.00 on CUDDLY. Just a little over a month in our care, gorgeous Rita booked an early morning flight along with her wonderful foster mom Ellen, to Florida where she met her forever mom! It's been weeks in the making but she is finally in her forever home and settling in with her new canine sibling Maxwell just perfectly! 

You will never be left behind again miss Rita and will be in good hands with your new family!

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