Collapsed in the mud, Canela's story of survival.
January 15, 2018

This young mare was pulled out of mud in the city of Anasco, Puerto Rico on Christmas Day. She was immediately given hydration and medication to help her gain strength. Canela was placed in the best hands and we knew she had the will to survive. 

After Hurricane Maria, Canela's owner had to be taken to the hospital abruptly. The previous owner then realized they were unable to care for the horses and needed to focus on themselves as well as recovering from the hurricane. Canola and her baby's were then left homeless. Extremely weak Canela leaned over to drink from a stream and accidentally fell in. Normally, it would not be hard for a horse to stand up next to the stream and drink but because Canela was so frail she tumbled in and found her self in a life threatening situation. 

Thanks to your support, Defensa Animales De Rincon was able to raise $555.00 out of Canela's $500.00 poundWISHES fundraising goal! The funding was used to get medical supplies for Canela and her baby's care. Defensa Animales De Rincon continues to care for both Canela and her baby. We are thankful Canela survived her most vulnerable hours and that nearby neighbors pulled together and are caring for mama and baby!

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