Blind Puppy Finds Perfect Home
January 25, 2018

In a remote village on an island in Southeast Alaska, new homeowners were astonished to discover a sweet, starving mama dog and her seven 4-week-old puppies under their porch in a fish box. In nearly freezing temperatures, it was way too cold for the puppies to be outside. All of the puppies were horribly malnourished and needed immediate medical attention.

Upon their arrival in Juneau, veterinarians discovered that due to a congenital defect, three of the puppies were blind. We later found out that Cedric, the little white puppy, was born deaf as well. This news made his rescue question if they would ever be able to find him a forever home with someone who understands his situation and has the patience to help him thrive. Through their CUDDLY fundraiser, Cedric and his siblings were able to surpass their wish amount raising over $1,700!

And now, after some time, we have some great news! Cedric was adopted. His new mom is a woman who, as a child, grew up legally blind. She needed several corneal transplants through her life in order to be able to see. Her daughters also have a rare eye disease and one needs hearing aids as well. This home is perfect for Cedric as as they are uniquely suited to understand the world in which he lives. They have officially adopted him and he is doing amazing!! He is growing and is very happy! Thank you to those in the CUDDLY community who helped Cedric recover. You helped make this story happy.

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