Mama and baby together forever!
February 15, 2018

3 poodles were dumped in the streets near Dog Rescue Thailand's shelter. There were two adults and one puppy, whom was assumed to be their baby. They were in very bad condition and were full of ticks and fleas. They had been clearly neglected for an extensive amount of time and needed immediate medical attention. 

Unfortunately, the adult male poodle was too sick and passed away.. leaving his female partner and baby behind. The mama and baby poodle slowly began to improve with a lot of love and TLC. As they got healthier, they really came out of their shells and were happy little pups. 

Fast forward two months and we are so happy to announce that Ben and Blanche got adopted! Not only did they find loving homes, but they have been adopted TOGETHER so their bond will never be broken and they never have to be apart. As you can see from the pictures, they are already truly loved by their new forever family! We couldn't be happier for this mama and baby and we wish them the best in their new lives! 

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