Boo Finds love
February 21, 2018

We can't imagine the fear Boo felt when we found her alone, injured, and hungry. Boo was found shaking, with a gaping hole in her hind quarters. 

Las Cruces Animal Control picked up Boo on the side of the road early December and took her to the municipal shelter. She had two terrible wounds on her back end. The wounds were old and most likely from a larger dog biting her on her hind end, though veterinarians are not sure about the exact cause. The first tactic was to see if the wounds would heal and close on their own. One side was worse than the other, and if it did not heal, vets were considering amputation. Either way, Little Boo had to be fortified because she was weak and anemic.

During this time, the vet tech who was caring for Boo fell completely in love with her! And needless to say, she decided to adopt Boo and provide the love and furever home she so deserves. Boo will be released later this week to join her new family. It is amazing the physical injuries that a little love can heal. 

Boo found love in her healer and, through CUDDLY, received support, as well as a lot of the items she wanted from her CUDDLY wishlist registry! She can now live a wonderful life full of love and happy tails!

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