It's Finally Micka's Moment to Shine
March 13, 2018

Micka was found chained up by his neck, living in a filthy garage in Southfield. He was rescued together along with his brothers and their father, Stormy. Micka's previous owner did not allow the dogs to go outside, they were trapped in a garage their whole lives. These pups never knew what life was really about until they were brought to Almost Home- no kill shelter.

There seemed to be a calmness surrounding them, when they realized they were safe at Almost Home. The staff greeted them with cozy beds, nice warm bathes to wash the filth off of their skin and big, yummy meals. The boys were ready to see what life had to offer. The fact that Micka and his brothers were so mistreated their entire lives, they needed time to warm up, and learn to trust again.  

Micka did not gain trust as fast as his brothers did; they found forever homes and Micka stayed at Almost Home for a very long time. He has now been through extensive training, he was even adopted and returned to the shelter a couple times prior because he would constantly escape from his new family and run back "home." His heart believed that the shelter was where he belonged. 

Luckily for Micka, he was able to receive so much love and guidance, than he finally met his match. A family that understands how Micka feels, and knows how to gain his trust. Micka and his new family fell in love right away and now Micka has a forever family of his own. Third time's a charm for this lucky boy, and this family was worth the wait!

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