Severely Neglected Girl Gets a Chance at Forever
May 15, 2018

Daisy was found on the streets in the most horrendous condition. She had a massive infection all over her body and needed immediate help.


Big Dawgs Rescue got a call about a stray dog wandering around Modesto, CA. They took one look at her and knew they had to help this poor girl. She had clearly been severely neglected and not taken care of. Not only did she have infections in her eyes and ears but she had an extreme case of Mange all over her body. Although she was clearly very sick, she was so loving and just wanted to be by your side all the time. She is one of the sweetest girls and was so thankful to be rescued.


With poundWISHES help, Big Dawgs Rescue was able to not only raise $500 but also get Wishlist items donated for Daisy while she was in recovery. After weeks of healing, Daisy was put into a foster home while she waited for her furr-ever home. Little did we know that her foster would love her so much and want to keep her FOREVER! CUDDLY is so happy to have been a part of Daisy's journey and we wish this girl all the happy tails in the world!

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