A Sweet New Life For Sweet Pea
July 10, 2018

Sweet Pea was found with horrible cuts and bite marks all over her body. She was so swollen Second Chance of Orangeburg Animal Rescue Coalition could not distinguish what breed she was. They were able to determine that she was used as a bait dog and they had to act fast if they were going to be able to save her life. 

Sweet Pea went through multiple skin graphs, procedures and needed a lot of antibiotics, but she pulled through and showed everyone how Sweet she truly is. 

Thankful for her new life and a wonderful foster home, Sweet Pea has become a wonderful lap dog. She enjoys Squeaky toys and play time outside with her family. Sweet 
Pea does not get along with other dogs, but she does love her humans and she even enjoys helping with the care given to their pet chickens. 

Sweet Pea has come a far way and has healed not only on the outside but within her heart as well. She may end up as a forever foster unless the right family comes along. Until then, she is happy, healthy and excited to enjoy this thing we call life. 

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