July 13, 2018

Poor Theon was found suffering from neglect on a dirty property with many other dogs in terrible condition. Theon, who is only about a year old, was completely terrified and his fur was completely matted and disheveled. When he was taken to the vet, Theon was diagnosed with and treated for parvo. However, Theon had been suffering from leg pain, which was caused from a leg fracture that healed incorrectly.

This tiny pup couldn't catch a break because shortly after discovering the fracture, they also discovered that he had a bladder tumor. Theon was peeing frequently. So his foster mom took him to the vet, thinking he had a urinary tract infection. The vets found a huge tumor on Theon's bladder, which would require surgery to save his young life.

He needed more love and support than ever. And so when his fundraiser and registry were posted on CUDDLY, you all responded. Theon's CUDDLY campaign was over funded! We are excited to announce he's also going home to his new mother Ms. Lucille -- and what's more -- with tons of wishlist items that our community purchased on Theon's behalf. We are all lucky to have been a part of Theon's recovery. With you love and support, you healed him with a chance to have a beautiful life with his new fur-ever family.

Thank you to everyone who supported him. If you didn't get a chance contribute, you can still purchase items from his wishlist, which will all be sent to him at his new home.

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