August 07, 2018

One day, an employee at Cafe 2 Go coffee shop found Kitty, a little kitten. That morning, Kitty was not looking for a quad venti skim no foam latte; what he really needed was help. It was clear that he was not in good shape and needed immediate medical care. Kitty was weak; he would not eat, his left eye was completely closed, and he had a very infected cut on his neck. Kitty's rescuer reached out to CUDDLY for help with the vet costs, as urgent care was needed immediately. We couldn't let this tiny kitten suffer. Upon examination, vets discovered that Kitty had parasites and his body was riddled with infections; he had an infection in his left eye, around his broken tooth, in the cut on his neck, and in his lungs.

The poor thing has been through so much in his short life. But luckily, he found someone who would help him. His rescuer was able to spend lots of time nursing Kitty back to health with thrice a day eye cleaning, medicine for the infections and parasites, and lots of love.

Kitty is on the road to recovery, and has now been adopted to a wonderful fur-mommy. Success for Kitty! But the rescue still needs your help. Their campaign for Kitty has not yet reached his fundraising goal, which means that the rescue is in debt for helping to save him. Here's where you can make a difference. Please consider contributing to Kitty's fundraiser so that his rescuers can go on to create more happy stories just like this one!

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